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This article was itnially published a year ago on my old blog, hope you’ll enjoy it

Happy new year dear readers. Take a deep breath, you are in for a roller coaster. 2016, your ticket for a prosperous year. There are no ”out of sales ” sign post, the sale points are all around you.  There are tickets for every class: the rich and poor, the optimist and pessimistic, the winners and the losers… Infact everyone will benefit from this year. Choose your class and get your ticket, one seat per person. Don’t be afraid, everyone will reach the finish line and even those in the rear seats will win. There’s no reason why at the bridge of this new year, one should decide not to take the wagon title ”Success ”.

This is a new year,  a time for you to make things differently, a time to get better at what you are good in, a time to get best at what you’ve mastered.
But then, I wish to ask a question: How do I get to the SUCCESS wagon ? There’s one thing I know, I might not be as old as Metuselah, I might not have been King Solomon’s great grandson,  but the wisest answer I have reached to is this. ALWAYS STRIVE TO BE BETTER. When ever you do something,  seek for critics and appreciations. Recognizing your mistakes will only help you be better, seek to INNOVATE. Change your ways of doing things,  change your manner of approach to situations,  take problems from a different angle of approach. Even if you got an A grade for your best subject, it’s good but why not seek a way to get a better grade, say A+ ? Even if you read for eight hours for a CA and yet you obtained a poor grade,  blame no one but yourself. Look for what you did wrong and correct your mistakes. Even if you think everything you did was right,  believe that you were wrong somewhere, somehow. It’s important for you to be receptive to critics, and you need to keep in mind that no two persons have the same view of the world,  in that light, good and constructive criticism is always necessary for progress to occur. You think you did something well, that’s great! But look for a way to do it better.  Nice things only become nicer when you seek to ameliorate them. Plain example,  the leadi’g social network: Facebook.  If Zuckerberg had stayed on the idea of keeping the network for Havard students,  where will he be now? Every day you see new features added to it. At first video calls were not possible but now they are as real as a cow can produce milk. Now it is possible for you to read my blog with your smartphone,  at first smartphones were just a dream. To every website is attached a link ” report problem ”. They know they are not perfect, they want to get better and that’s why that li’k is present. If good and effective companies offering consumer services are ready to stoop low and receive criticism,  who are you to do the contrary. They’ve done that for decades and even centuries,  they are making millions,  copy them and be successful.  You might not make millions,  but for sure in getting better, always,  you will succeed.

Finally, it’s the end of the year, I am officially two months old on WordPress. I can say with modesty that I’ve had a great audience. I encourage all of you to continue reading. Criticize, comment, like, talk about it on social networks,  around you,  dream of it. All I want is a positive impact on others. Help me reach out to the world. Share the link and above all Enjoy your New year.
” In the end, it’s not the years in your life that matters,
     But the life in your years. ”
                          – Albert Einstein

NZIKO Hermès
Directeur de Publication chez Bee-kome Magazine et Directeur général de Bee-kome Media. Passionné par les nouvelles technologies, les sciences du comportement humain et l'entrepreneuriat.