What is MomoB?

MomoB is a creative marketing agency situated in Makepe, Douala, Cameroon. It was founded in 2015 by its current CEO : Momo Bertrand. Momo Bertrand is a graduate from the Catholic University of Buea and made headlines in 2016 with his book titled ‘Ajebo 911’. Momo Bertrand describes that his company’s mission is to help companies go viral through creative digital marketing.

« My goal in 2017 was to make sure comanies go viral. »

Although present « in name » since 2015, it is only in 2017 that MomoB began effectively building its presence in its market. Momo Bertrand describes this first year as one of changes and learning.

He tells the tale of how due to the internet shutdown in Buea, he moved to Douala. Initially settling for a coworker space in Activspaces. Months later he moved over to a different hub. He effected another move once again before settling for a ermanent office at Makepe, Douala. During this year, MomoB published its first e-book titled ‘Sugar your Digital’ and partnered with TOTAL during a seminar for the employees at TOTAL. MomoB also started a series of formations on Digital Marketing which were held in Buea and Douala.

Coming 2018, MomoB is planning not only to grow internally in size but also in market size. Momo Bertrand also confides that he really believes that the objectif of companies is to truly make the world better. As such, he aims at involving MomoB in more social activities.

The Challenges faced by MomoB

When asked about his greatest challenge this year, he recounted an encounter where in a friend of his presented him a client. He did the work that was requested, covering all expenses from his pockets, and when came the time to deliver the product, the client informed him he was not going to proceed with his activities anymore. How can a business man deal with such situations ?

How about the competition faced by MomoB?

« Before starting everything, I thought there weren’t really many digital marketing companies in cameroon. But everyday I hear of a new one. So I think ours hot mainly lies in the fact that we try to remain relevant by standing out of the lot. Delivering creative and spectacular services to our clients. »

NZIKO Hermès
Directeur de Publication chez Bee-kome Magazine et Directeur général de Bee-kome Media. Passionné par les nouvelles technologies, les sciences du comportement humain et l'entrepreneuriat.