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 For a startup to grow, you need marketers, PR agents, communication agencies, designers sales teams and much more. And don’t get me wrong, these skills are present not only in the land but all around the country. The problem is not that they are expensive to hire. The problem, I believe, is that budding entrepreneurs (less than two years of activity) fail to understand that these tools are essential to help in the effective launch of their business.


Silicon Mountain is the birthplace of most of Cameroon’s Techies. Applications are launched there every now and then. But yet none of those apps are as good (in terms of download) as those developed in France, India or South Africa. Not to mention Silicon Valley. Recently I read an article written by Daniel Ibohn (Blogger and Marketer). She explained that she had carried out a study of the cameroonian apps on the Android store. Her conclusion was that the most downloaded were customer service apps (Canal 2, CRTV etc). But behold they are full of bugs and poorly designed.

 A question now comes up: why is it that you develop your app and after a year you are still struggling to reach the 100 downloads when another developer in, say India, is struggling to cross the 1M downloads after a year?

A close look at our techies reveal that they build Apps and not companies (though you have exceptions).  As such they are so focused on the code that they neglect the User experience, the marketing of the product. But somehow they expect to make a Business out of it.
Well, this is the same trend that not only affects techies but other budding entrepreneurs in Silicon Mountain and all across the country. The entrepreneur is focused on building the product and forgets all about the essentials for the Business to succeed.

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