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Living in the social media age has made everything better in terms of connecting people,but has handicapped business communication. The form of product advertisement, as we know it, is growing stale. And here’s why ! Gary Vaynerchuck once said in one of his contents that there are three categories of apps you will find in all smartphones : social media, entertainment and games. Basically all smartphone users have these in common. All these growing platforms work to make the attention span of a user increasingly low. Nowadays, you have roughly 03sec to grab the attention of a user with your content. And while this is increasingly true for instagram posts, tweets, blog posts etc it proves tougher on advertisements. When you’re playing a game and suddenly an ad pops-up, the immediate reaction is to skip i tat the 06sec mark. And this doesn’t happen on games alone, but on Youtube, Facebook and basically every other site with some traffic and a Google Adsense space.

What does this really mean for businesses advertising?

If you manage a page on facebook, then you’ll have noticed recommendation proposing you to boost your content (image , post, video ) to reach a certain audience. The misunderstood part of it is that you pay alot of money in advertisement, but the number of people who are going to interact (therefore showing interest) with your content, is no where close to the audience reach. Most at times, you get a 10% (from my personal experience and friends’ experiences) of the audience engaging.

I’m not trashing social media advertisement, it has worked for some people and has helped businesses leave from zero to six figures. But at what expense ? The cost for such a campaign is alot when you look deeper into the stats. Customer acqusition price becomes higher, but is considerably less than TV ads. Which is exactly the reason why businesses and brands have shifted to social media campaigns. The issue that businesses are having now with social media campaigns is the lack of users to interact with their ads. No matter how visually appealing they seem to be. Very few people watch full length ads on Youtube or Facebook or a gaming app. So for companies to run effective ad campaigns, they need a more attractive way of doing so !

Companies should not create their content but work with content creators!

With social media campaigns growing stale, the hot and trending commodities to sell products are content creators. The reason why content creators are so important is because of their already established loyal fan base. People want to be entertained, and content creators do that for them on platforms like : Youtube, Instagram, Facebook. That’s why Instagram celebrities now are the new Hollywood upand coming hot comoditities (King Bach, Amanda Cerny, Logan Paul etc.). If a brand had to start creating its own content today, they’ll need to grow that loyal fan base. Something which takes time !

The challenge now will be for brands to be ready towork with these content creators to create entertaining content around their brands. Some of this is already going on ; it’s most common with TV shows and movies. Stars of the movies and shows collaborate with influencers to produce content. The attention the star gets directly from that content production results to an increase in the public’s attention towards the product.
Basically any brand can result to the same form of advertisement. It’s an advertisement which doesn’t really look like one ; more entertaining than anything else.

A pros to this form of brand advertisement as concerns TV ads or social media campaigns is that the content is forever available.

Dozens of companies have succeeded in getting millions and billions of views with this form of collaboration. This views ultimately drives an increase in the brand’s popularity. It’s basic logic; because we love the star’s act in the video we are looking for more on him, we fall on more entertaining content which ultimately drives us to the TV shows/movies s/he’s starred in. It works for all brands, not only movies and TV shows. But ultimately, it’s a strategy, and just like any other it requires planning and preparation.

Brands today have to figure out a way to be entertaining in order to sell BIG !

NZIKO Hermès
Directeur de Publication chez Bee-kome Magazine et Directeur général de Bee-kome Media. Passionné par les nouvelles technologies, les sciences du comportement humain et l'entrepreneuriat.